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We love creative commons, but what if….

Miércoles, Febrero 1st, 2012

Really we love creative commons, but don’t forget that it can bring you unpleasant surprises. Because what happens if:

-someone includes your music in an nazi-sampler. Or an Nazi party convert your music into there official hymn. Sure that doesn’t mean that you agree with this shit but honestly that’s not the publicity that you had in mind, isn’t it?

-you  publish under Attribution-ShareAlike (like we do) than everybody can print your cd, sell it (under cc-license, shure) and become an millionaire. Thinking about it maybe we should change the license to NC. Or maybe no, who knows.

It’s always the same thing what do you want freedom or security? More freedom means less security and more security means less freedom.

sure there are more worst-case scenarios, can you think of some? Let us know!

We don’t want your money, we want your soul, or why we use Creative Commons

Viernes, Enero 13th, 2012

Ok first of all, just to make this clear: yes we want your money, but this is not our priority ;-)

Why do we use Creative Commons License? Is it because we’re good persons and we want to give joy to the world? Maybe, but that’s not the main reason why we publish our music under this license. And it’s not that we give it for free (we’re good but we are also vain :-) ) we want something back and that’s distribution. We make music and we want it to be heard by as many people as possible. We give you songs and you, if you like them, you can share them, use them for your videos, send them to your friends, to your mother and to whoever you want. You can write us a review or became a fan on facebook, that doesn’t cost you any money and only a tiny bit of your time. By doing so you’re helping that the idea of free licenses is working. Of course not only by sharing our music but all the free music you like.

People should stop thinking of how they can make money with music and just do it because they like it. If you’re good and you’re making good music there will be ways to get money one way or another. You can always sell crack to you teenage fans after the concerts. Just kidding, no need to call the police! So go on and do what you like and give it away, and if you like what others do share it, let the world know about it.

The power of free is the real revolution in this days and not some people on a stage shouting “Revolution” when you paid 60$ entrance and who will sue you if you download their music.

So keep it free and share it!

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